What is HIPAA?

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HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which was established in 1996 to protect the privacy and security of health information and provide individuals with certain rights to their health information.

Safety, Security, Privacy, Confidentiality

These are more than words; these are important aspects of KBC’s services.  Our employees are thoroughly trained in HIPAA privacy compliance.  We use Business Associate Agreements, a secured site for uploading data and cybersecurity features in our emails, computers and servers.  We work diligently to protect all data in our care and to assure that only those intended to have access to the data do.  We remind our clients when asking for outstanding data to remember to upload it to the secured site, and never send private information in an unsecured email! If private information, such as a social security number or date of birth, is received in an unsecured email where it is possible to identify the owner of the data, we are responsible to inform the sending party what happened and to alert the privacy and security officers to perform a risk assessment.  Even with the best-established plans and procedures, mistakes can happen.  The important part is to be diligent to avoid errors and to address mishaps immediately.  It is important that KBC maintain and update HIPAA training and assure compliance.  However, it is equally important that all employers establish policies and procedures, train staff, monitor HIPAA privacy compliance and provide for periodic refresher training regarding HIPAA.

HIPAA Compliance Service

Most of you know the importance of HIPAA compliance. Any employer at any time could be notified of a random audit.  If your firm is not compliant and an audit occurs, it can be very costly and determinantal to the future of your organization. It can be a struggle identifying where to begin to assure every aspect of your operations is compliant.

That’s where Key Benefit Concepts can help! Key Benefit Concepts has created a program to help you construct a personalized privacy compliance manual for your organization online, at your own convenience. Through a series of e-learning webinars, this step-by-step program will help you through all of the processes of HIPAA compliance from evaluation and design to the establishment of policies and procedures, the development of a personalized manual, training of staff and continuous monitoring.  Contact us or go to our website to learn more about these important services and how you can begin using them.

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