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Attract great talent and create a productive workforce, resulting in a better bottom line.

National studies have proven that workplace wellness is a smart business strategy for increasing an employer’s productivity, morale and bottom line.  That’s because healthy people in general are shown to have more confidence and lead more goal oriented, productive lives.  This may lead to less absenteeism and help to control healthcare costs, claims and premiums.  KBC specializes in key areas such as health education and advocacy, and we have become a leader in assisting employers in creating, developing and maintaining wellness programs that reflect the company’s culture and long-term goals.   We are are proud to have assisted some clients through the process of achieving a WELCOA workplace award , as well as having achieved an award ourselves.

Examples of Wellness

Examples of wellness strategies implemented:

What is Wellness?

Wellness (noun): the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.


Health and wellness is not something achieved and accomplished, it is a journey that leads down various roads and includes diverse opportunities and challenges along the way. We know life gets busy and at times can be incredibly stressful. At these times nutrition, exercise and stress management generally take the back seat. However, making simple changes in your daily routine can lead to positive changes for a lifetime! Maintaining a greater level of wellness is vital for a better quality of life.

Taking It Beyond Biometric Screenings

Biometric Screenings improve your personal health awareness, understanding of risk factors and ability to detect symptoms and prevent health risks. But what do you do after you receive the results and why is going beyond so important?

Biometric screenings provide a baseline assessment of your health to use for comparison in future years. It is important to continue annual heath exams and other screenings as they:

  • Increase awareness of overall health
  • Allow medical providers to diagnose problems before symptoms occur
  • Provide signs of a developing illness – early detection is often key
  • Creates a record of your health and opportunity to monitor how it has changed over the years.

A biometric screen may also be combined with a health risk assessment. A Health Risk Assessment questionnaire is a health questionnaire, used to provide individuals with an evaluation of their health risks and quality of life.

Both the screening and health risk assessment provide information identifying your potential health risks. You may wish to discuss your results with your primary physician to further understand any potential risks, establish attainable and measurable goals and determine simple changes that you can make in your daily life that may increase your quality of life.

Engaging Employees & Their Families

Engaging employees to obtain and maintain good health not only helps to control health care costs and productivity but most importantly improves the quality of life. Start taking steps to engage your employees and their families.

Most people do not change their habits regarding wellness or start living a healthier lifestyle until something happens that causes them to start assessing their health. At this point, it may already be too late. Which is why it is so important to provide wellness opportunities to not only employees but their families as well.

Did you know: Approximately, 50% of health care dollars are spent on employees’ spouse or dependents (WELCOA).

You cannot force someone to change his or her ways. However, you can provide them with information and opportunities for a healthier lifestyle in hopes of making a change. It is time to be proactive rather than reactive!

Complete A Health Culture Audit

A health culture audit examines the root causes of wellness behavior by identifying cultural strengths in your organization and barriers to wellness. Based upon your results you may wish to provide healthy food in the cafeteria, better vending machine options or start a lunch walking club, etc

Create A Monthly Wellness Newsletter

Whether it be provided via email or mailed to employees’ homes, providing a monthly wellness newsletter with current wellness happenings at the office, healthy recipes, exercises, upcoming events, wellness or health testimonials, etc. is a great way to remind and encourage everyone of healthy options and opportunities.

Hold A Lunch ‘N’ Learn Or After Work Wellness Presentation

These are programs that are 30mins to 1 hour in length during the lunch hour or after work. The presentations are facilitated by an organization to employees (and their families) on specific wellness topics.

Start A Wellness Committee

A wellness committee is a team of employees that meet and plan activities to pursue and promote good health for themselves and their co-workers. The committee can meet as many times or as few times a month as appropriate.

Provide Wellness Challenges

Wellness challenges are activities that engage people in becoming happier, healthier, and more energetic. The purpose of the challenge is to encourage healthier lifestyle behaviors for employees and their families. A wellness committee could prepare their own wellness challenge or there are many organizations that have challenges for purchase.

Pursuing A Worksite Wellness Award

Do you want to be recognized for your company’s commitment to health and wellbeing and earn an award at the same time? Try earning a WELCOA national well workplace designation and become one of America’s Healthiest Companies! The Wellness Council of America has developed the Well Workplace Award initiative, which can be earned by small and large businesses.

To date, hundreds of organizations, ranging from educational institutions, healthcare systems, corporations and public agencies, have earned a Well Workplace Award. The Well Workplace Award application is completed online and covers 1 year of wellness activities/data. The initiative is driven by a rigorous set of criteria known as WELCOA’s Seven Benchmarks of Success.

WELCOA’s Seven Benchmarks Of Success

Benchmark 1: Capturing CEO Support

Benchmark 2: Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams

Benchmark 3: Collecting Data to Drive Health Efforts

Benchmark 4: Crafting an Operating Plan

Benchmark 5: Choosing Appropriate Interventions

Benchmark 6: Creating a Supportive Environment

Benchmark 7: Consistently Evaluating Outcomes


Along with your well workplace award journey, WELCOA provides numerous resources for your wellness program.  More more information, visit WELCOA’s website by clicking here.

They provide monthly legal wellness updates, free incentive campaigns, expert interviews, books, posters, newsletters, brochures, live webinars and the WELCOA institute, which has all the webinars that you can view at your convenience.

By achieving a Well Workplace designation, your organization will demonstrate that it is committed to protecting and enhancing the health and well-being of your employees and families.

KBC has assisted several clients through the process of achieving a well workplace award and has achieved an award itself.

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