Service with Care!

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In 2022, KBC is focused on providing service with care and a smile!

Are there certain people in your work life where each call you make to them seems to go directly to voicemail, and then you’re stuck waiting for a call back?  This can be extremely frustrating, which is why there’s no need to worry about that with KBC.  During office hours, someone is routinely available to answer the phone.  Even if you cannot reach the person you are looking for immediately, you can rest assured that the KBC staff person will get your message and get back to you promptly – or someone else will step in and respond to you in their absence.  We are always willing to take the time to address questions or concerns, direct you to the proper resource or arrange a meeting with the proper parties to meet the established goals.  We know our business well and we work hard to provide the highest quality and most efficient services. We care and you can always count on KBC for service with a smile!