Securely Sending Census Data/Information

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Cybersecurity and securely transmitting and storing sensitive information has come to the forefront of many businesses in recent years. There are many risks that come with exchanging data electronically, especially when it includes Protected Health Information (PHI).  Without using a secure website or providing such information securely/locked via email, the potential exists for sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands. This, of course, can cause harm to your organization and the individuals whose data was exposed. In order to ensure the security of all PHI requested by KBC and necessary to perform your post-employment valuations, we utilize Citrix ShareFile, a secure portal for exchanging data with our clients.

After setting up our clients with access to ShareFile, they receive an invitation to make an account where they will have individualized access to their own specific folder. Within this folder, clients have the ability to then “drag and drop” files to upload to the secure website.  Alternatively, they have the option to click on the “plus” in the upper right-hand corner and select “upload” which pulls up the option to browse files on your local computer to upload. Once files are “dropped” in or selected for upload, ShareFile encrypts the files and saves them to your folder and KBC is notified that data has been provided.

In addition, our clients have the ability to see and download files that KBC uploads to the folder.  This can be helpful if you or your auditor requires certain information that was provided to us for your most recent actuarial valuation (if you are unable to locate what was provided in your files) or should you need an example of the information previously provided when gathering the data for a new actuarial valuation.  On top of data encryption, ShareFile helps simplify the data collection process as it eliminates the need to send multiple emails due to file size.

For a video demo on creating your ShareFile account and uploading data in a secure manner, please watch the video below: