Safety and Security are of the Utmost Importance!

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Safety, Security, Privacy and Confidentiality

These are more than words; these are important aspects of KBC’s services.  Our employees are thoroughly trained in HIPAA privacy compliance.  We use Business Associate Agreements, a secured site for uploading data and cybersecurity features in our emails, computers and servers.  We work diligently to protect all data in our care and to assure that only those intended to have access to the data do.  We remind our clients when asking for outstanding data to remember to upload it to the secured site, and never send private information in an unsecured email! If private information, such as a social security number or date of birth, is received in an unsecured email, we are responsible to inform the sending party what happened and to alert the privacy and security officers to perform a risk assessment.  Even with the best-established plans and procedures, mistakes can happen.  The important part is to be diligent to avoid errors and to address mishaps immediately.  For more on HIPAA privacy and security, check out KBC’s website at