One-Word Resolutions for 2021!

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“Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.”             

By Cavett Robert

New Year’s Day: a new year and a fresh start. As 2020 has come to a close, we look to 2021 as a year to hope and dream again. 2020 was probably one of the most difficult years for everyone. Many people saw their dreams and desires for the year put on hold or lost.

As 2021 has arrived, many have renewed hope, new dreams and desires. It is also time for many to determine a New Year’s resolution. Rather than a typical resolution, how about trying a one-word resolution. One-word resolutions are just that one word to describe the year ahead which will help guide you in making decisions, pursuing goals or being a better you! Below are a few examples of one-word resolutions.  We hope that you too can find that one word to symbolize your 2021 adventure.

Hope – We can all agree that hope is going to be the best word to start off with when describing our 2021 resolution. With all the downfalls of 2020, hope for 2021 is going to help build our confidence and keep us moving forward this year. Hope can mean many things. A strong economy, a vaccine to help us through COVID-19, a light at the end of the tunnel (for everything going back to normal again). Hope is our strongest ally. Here’s to hoping for a better year ahead!

Joy – In 2020, many people lost their joy. Maybe it was a job someone lost, a family member or friend passing away, or just simply a vacation canceled. Joy was something we saw dwindling last year. 2021 brings us joy because it can be a fresh start and opportunity to seize the new year with excitement for new or renewed opportunities.

Peace – In the summer of 2020, we were in the middle of a terrible pandemic and we then saw unrest with racial tensions and violence taking place followed by much political unrest. Peace in our mind and our lives despite the situation around us is something that we need. There is always going to be adversity and if we can put our differences and frustrations aside and be more kind to others, we may find peace in 2021.

Travel – In 2020, we canceled travel plans and spent a good portion of the year at home. Simply visiting neighbors and friends in our local communities was out of the question.  2021 will open opportunities for travel as the vaccine is distributed and the hope of normalcy is coming back. People are excited to get out and do things again, whether it be a planned weeks’ vacation to another state or part of the world, a weekend visit with family and friends, or a trip to the grocery/ department store. 2021 gives us the opportunity to plan these events and set our hearts and minds in motion again.

There are many words to choose from. Below are a few more to spark your imagination and help you on your journey in the new year:  achieve, believe, breathe, change, confident, courage, faith, fearless, focus, gratitude, growth, listen, live, love, organized, purpose, resilience, restore, simplify, strength, transform, trust.

So, what is your New Year’s one-word resolution? Is it one that we may have provided in this blog? Is it one that you never used before? Whatever your one word may be, we hope that it brightens your year ahead and gives you the drive to keep moving forward!