Consulting Services

KBC’s Expertise and Competencies Span the Full Spectrum of Employee Benefits.

Maximizing benefits within financial constraints is difficult in today’s benefit landscape.  Our benefit design and plan evalation services are geared to help organizations structure their benefit programs to be financially and administratively sustainable, while meeting the evolving needs of their employees and their families.  We address the drivers of healthcare by utilizing cost saving strategies, such as wellness and other trends, and apply intelligent data-driven concepts determined actuarial methods.  Other consulting services include timely employee communications and compliance documentation key to the success of your benefit programs.

Benefit Design & Restructure

  • Active Benefits
    • HRA, FSA, HSA, COBRA, Health, Dental, Life, etc.
    • Nondiscrimination testing
    • Benefit audit and compliance services
  • Post-Employment Benefits
    • Facilitation of discussion regarding goals/objectives
    • Cost impacting of proposed plan options
    • Assistance with presenting changes
    • Preparation of plan documents, handbook verbiage, etc.

Communications & Documentation

  • Employee Communications
    • Flyers, brochures, etc. (Flex, Cobra, plan changes, and other notices)
    • Handbook language
  • Employer Documents
    • Plan Documents, resolutions, forms and other compliance documentation


Note:  KBC’s Communication and Documentation services are cordinated with your legal counsel.

Benefit Plan Evaluations, Bid & Analysis

  • Adding or consolidating benefits
  • Employee Benefit Plan audit
  • Evaluating networks and provider or plan options
  • Administration services accuracy, efficiency and professionalism
  • Cost control, technological options/services, benefit trends
  • State and Federal compliance
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