A Culture of Wellness

Key Benefit Concepts Services, Standard

Key Benefit Concepts (KBC) is an actuarial and employee benefit consulting firm who has designed personalized benefit programs relating to wellness for our clients.  When addressing employee benefits, wellness is an important factor to an overall comprehensive benefit program.  Healthy employees are typically more focused, conscientious and hard-working. So, at KBC we practice what we preach!   Our program is referred to as a culture of wellness because we want to cultivate health and well lifestyles. We care about our employees and know that we work well together if we have balance in life between work, home, finances, brain health and exercise.  We have different events and activities throughout the year to keep us active, eating right and interacting with others.  This culture of wellness has helped all of us through the difficulties that COVID-19 created in 2020. Sometimes there are individual or group rewards as a result of participation or meeting goals.  However, the greatest reward is simply good health!  Now more than ever, take a look at your employee benefits and cultivate (or improve) your culture of wellness!