The Wellness Series: Sleep

Key Benefit Concepts Wellness

Sleep: the elusive activity that our body’s crave and our minds need to function properly day-to-day. In our Wellness Series, we’re getting real about sleep–the positives of sleep and the negative effects of not getting enough. If you are one of the many that have trouble sleeping, we’ve also outlined some tactics you can implement that will help calm your …

2019 Fall Conferences

Key Benefit Concepts Conferences, Standard

As we prepare for the changing season, Key Benefit Concepts, LLC (KBC) is also preparing to attend and speak at a number of conferences this fall. KBC, with Lynn Knight, the Business Manager of the School District of Nekoosa, and Julie Lewis from Lewis law Office, LLC will speak on several topics ranging from fringe benefit taxation to HIPAA compliance …

A Healthy Lifestyle

Key Benefit Concepts Wellness

There are four main components that go into achieving a healthy lifestyle. exercising, eating a well-balanced diet, getting enough sleep and the habitual taking care of oneself are all vital when maintaining a healthy life.