Key Benefit Concepts

Your Key to Actuarial Expertise

Actuarial Services

We offer you a variety of actuarial services including GASB 74/75 OPEB actuarial valuations, GASB 67/68/73 supplemental pension valuations, self-insured health plan attestations, compensation studies, funding and budget projections and more!

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Benefit Plan Consulting

We provide you with a number of benefit consulting services including the design and restructure of active and post-employment benefits, employee communications, HRA/403(b) post-employment benefit recordkeeping, compensation consulting and more!

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Policy & Procedure Consulting

We coordinate with your legal counsel to create policies and procedures, handbook language, plan documents, plan administration, etc., as it relates to HRA, FSA, flexible benefits, HIPAA compliance and more!

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How Can We Help You?

Government Agencies

Post-employment valuations, cost impacting & cash flow determinations, self-funding plan reserves, assistance with regulatory compliance

School Districts

Post-employment valuations, employee benefit design, implementation & communication, assistance with regulatory compliance

Corporate / Business

Cost impacting and cash flow determinations, plan design coordination, employee benefit design, implementation & communication

Strengthen Your Employee Benefit Plan With KBC

Key Benefit Concepts LLC is an actuarial and employee benefit consulting firm. We specialize in assisting public and private employers in the evaluation, design, implementation, and communication of benefit programs.  We provide unbiased, unique, and innovative solutions to employee benefit matters.

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